Notes: Some climate tech companies & projects

(as a non-expert, circa early 2021)

See also my notes from 2018 on climate:

Cement/concrete —

Batteries —

Cheap green hydrogen production by electrolysis, useful for grid scale storage —

Thermal energy storage, for grid-scale storage —
See also:

Food with less animals and ultimately less agriculture overall — (animal feed from methane) (food from water and CO2)

Fusion —
Z-pinch and other magneto-inertial methods
Commonwealth Fusion and Tokamak Energy also

Compact and safer nuclear fission — (minimalist approach)

Geothermal anywhere drilling — (analysis of closed loop)

Solid state heat to electricity conversion —

Electrofuels —

Other carbon utilization —

Improved air conditioning and refrigeration with low global-warming potential —

Substituting for nitrogen fertilizers —

Marine cloud brightening — (Australia) (analysis)

Soil carbon measurement —

Electro-swing direct air capture —

Far out ideas to locally divert hurricanes —

Philanthropic/patient capital for climate ventures with PRIs —

Novel approaches to enhance natural ocean carbon drawdown — (clay minerals)

Advance market commitments for negative emissions and other problems —

Kelp farming, ocean utilization, biochar and other multidisciplinary problems —

Managing wildfires —

Crops —

Desalination —

Getting more science-based companies to happen in this space —

Enhanced weathering for negative emissions —

AI and data —

Venture portfolios —


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